Headquarter: Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona

Revenue: +€70m

Investment Date: April 2017

Business overview

Alpega is a leading logistics software company that offers end-to-end solutions covering all transport needs.

Alpega is a B2B logistics software firm that offers end-to-end solutions for all transportation needs. Its offering comprises TMS solutions, freight exchanges and freight procurement.

The company’s TMS solutions inet, Transwide and TAS-tms are used by customers such as, car OEMs or building material companies to manage their contract freight on a global basis. Alpega’s TMS solutions automate the customers’ logistics flows incl. order execution, slot booking, optimisation, container management and advanced analytics. Customers benefit from process and freight cost savings. Alpega owns an option to acquire the 4flow vista source code for their freight planning and optimisation software which is integrated with inet.

Alpega’s freight exchanges Teleroute, wtransnet and 123cargo are spot marketplaces to post truck searches or empty trucks. Carriers benefit from access to loads in order to reduce empty hauls or access more attractive freight on a short-term basis.

Tendereasy, acquired in 2018, allows its customers to run tenders across countries, verticals and modes to optimise their freight procurement structure and costs.

Community of >200k users

80+ countries

70k customers post >25m transports per year on the freight exchange

Deal description

Multiple businesses were acquired to form Alpega as a leading logistics software platform. Castik Funds carved-out the transport services unit of Wolters Kluwer (hereafter called Transport Services) in July 2017. Transport Services is a leading player in TMS and freight exchange solutions headquartered in Brussels.

At the same time, Castik Funds completed the acquisition of inet, a rapidly growing software-as-a-service provider of TMS solutions for complex, global transportation networks.

Together inet, Transwide, Teleroute and 123cargo/Bursa were merged to form the global logistics software group Alpega.

Investment highlights
  • Trend towards digitization of the supply chain
  • Strong organic growth
  • High customer loyalty and deep entrenchment in customer’s systems
  • Proven expertise as member of the Gartner Magic Quadrant (inet)
  • High share of recurring revenue