Headquarter: United Kingdom

Revenue: ~$435m, Revenue CAGR of >25%

Investment Date: January 2015

Business overview

Waterlogic is a leading global workplace hydration solutions company.

Waterlogic is a leading global workplace hydration solutions company that primarily rents out mains-fed point-of-use (“POU”) water systems to a diverse range of B2B customers. Waterlogic designs, assembles, distributes and rents out the water coolers. Manufacturing and R&D is 100% owned, with patents on key products and technologies. Founded in 1992, Waterlogic was one of the first companies to introduce POU systems to Europe.

The product range comprises POU coolers for offices available as table-top or free-standing units that provide purified ambient, cold, hot or sparkling water. Coolers are typically placed with B2B customers on full-service rental contracts or sold to distributors in markets where Waterlogic does not have a direct presence. The Group’s offering additionally includes taps / under-the-sink solutions (Billi), HoReCa solutions (Purezza), as well as bottled water coolers in select markets.

Waterlogic has high environmental, social and governance standards and demonstrates its commitment in a detailed ESG report.

500k water systems on full-service rental contracts

>50 million litres of water are consumed through Waterlogic machines every day

Equivalent to ~120bn 500ml plastic bottles over 5 years

Deal description

Castik Funds completed the acquisition of Waterlogic jointly with Waterlogic’s founder Jeremy Ben-David by taking the company private in January 2015. Since then, Waterlogic – in close collaboration with Castik – has completed more than 40 add-on acquisitions globally and entered 10+ new direct markets.

Investment highlights
  • Strong underlying organic market growth, driven by health and environmental benefits
  • Stable recurring revenue base with low dependency on individual customers
  • Recession-resilient business as a result of the full-service rental model
  • Highly fragmented market poised for consolidation – 40+ acquisitions made since Castik entry