The WatchDec SA company join the Groupe Acrotec


Acrotec announce the addition of WatchDec to their group.

Renowned for their know-how in the manufacturing of complex parts for horology profile-turning, WatchDec are also active in the production of micro components for the connector, medical and aeronautical fields. The Groupe Acrotec is one of the leading players in Swiss micromechanics and the acquisition of WatchDec enables them to reinforce their position as independent suppliers to all watch making manufacturers as well as to other markets.

“The WatchDec company moved to the Develier site in 2012 with the aim of eventually integrating the group. The addition of WatchDec to the Groupe Acrotec 6 years later is a chronological sequence” confirmed François Billig, CEO of the Groupe Acrotec. ” Thanks to this acquisition, the Groupe Acrotec achieves two objectives: the first is to consolidate our provision of supplies for the watch making industry; the second is to increase our range of components for non-horology industries.”

”It’s a wonderful opportunity for us, joining the group enables us to sustain our company and reinforce our position as suppliers of micromechanical components. An important group such as Acrotec will help us to diversify and facilitate the development of our activities in new markets. Thanks to this acquisition we will benefit from a new location, as the move to Courgenay is planned for the beginning of 2019.” added Mr Jean-Matthieu Kasprzykowski, who is now CEO of WatchDec.

The company plan to move to Courgenay to benefit from more spacious and suitable premises for the development plans of the company. WatchDec currently have 16 employees and plan to create 6 new jobs in the near future.

For further information please contact:

Mr Michele Caracciolo
Tél. +41 77 410 35 60

About WatchDec

The company was founded in 2012. Specialists in the manufacturing of components principally for the watch making industry, the company have acquired an excellent reputation throughout Switzerland. Located in Develier (Switzerland), the company benefits from a modern infrastructure and a machine park equipped with the latest models enabling them to provide technical skills of an exceptionally high standard. Complementary processes to profile-turning are also provided such as thermic treatments, polishing, cutting, burnishing, sand-blasting, shot-blasting, nickel-plating, gilding etc. The principal materials manufactured for the production of these products in large or small series from 0.05 to 10 mm in diameter are stainless steel, hardened steel, titanium, brass, nickel and bronze.

About the Groupe Acrotec

Acrotec is an independent group created by horology and micromechanical professionals with the principal aim of providing the entire watch making industry with “Swiss made” quality products. The Groupe Acrotec has more than seven hundred employees. Their strategic objective is to simplify the complexities of subcontracting by supplying their customers with a wide range of horology and industrial expertise: profile-turning, crimping, surface treatments, etc. The companies in the Group possess all the skills that enable them to create and manufacture finished elements for watch making movements (springs, shock absorbers, oscillating masses, etc.), in addition to components for medical apparatus, amongst other industries. The Groupe Acrotec also produce components for connectors, telecommunications, IT and mobile telephones, automotive, injection systems, micromotors, aviation and aerospace.