Headquarter: Switzerland

Revenue: +CHF200m, Revenue CAGR of 15%

Investment Date: June 2016

Business overview

Groupe Acrotec (“Acrotec”) is a Swiss precision manufacturing company that serves customers in the luxury watch market, MedTech and several other industrial end markets.

Among Acrotec's customers are most of the major luxury watch brands. The company produces critical components for mechanical watches such as shock absorbers, spring barrels and oscillating weights.

Within the industrial sector, Acrotec leverages its precision manufacturing capabilities to serve customers in attractively growing niche segments that require high-precision manufacturing such as MedTech, aerospace, electronic connectors and niche automotive applications.

Swiss manufacturer of critical components for luxury watches

Growing MedTech capabilities and presence

Over 550 long-term customers

Deal description

Management and Castik pursue an active consolidation strategy to enhance Acrotec’s position as the largest, independent Swiss supplier to the luxury watch industry and related segments. Castik completed the acquisition of Acrotec jointly with several key managers of Acrotec under the leadership of CEO François Billig.

Investment highlights
  • Strong underlying organic market growth
  • High share of repeat purchases from a loyal long-standing customer base
  • High switching costs for customers and mission-critical nature of parts supplied
  • Fragmented market with room for consolidation