Headquarter: Germany

Output: +EUR140m

Investment Date: September 2022

Business Overview

artus is a leading German property damage restoration (PDR) provider offering complete end-to-end solutions for the entire restoration process of damages caused by fire, water and natural hazards.

The company provides its customers a broad range of synergistic PDR and adjacent services including leakage detection, water damage drying, fire damage restoration, disinfection, purification, thermography and construction heating and drying. The company has strong capabilities across all types and sizes of property damages and is one of few companies in Germany able to handle large and complex damages.

Headquartered in Isernhagen, Germany, the company operates across 27 locations in Germany and has a broad network of partners, in particular in the restoration space. With over 400 highly-experienced employees, artus enjoys strong and long-standing relationships with its key customers, which include global insurance companies and renowned property managers, who value artus’ high quality standards, fast response times and reliability.

27 locations in Germany

10k+ property damage restoration projects handled annually

End-to-end PDR services provider

Deal Description

After extensive work on the property damage restoration space, Castik identified artus as one of the most attractive platforms in the sector. Castik partnered with artus founders and management and plans to support artus’ growth, organically and via M&A in the highly fragmented German PDR space.

Investment Highlights
  • Recession resilient business as damages happen uncoupled from economic market shifts and require immediate remediation
  • Fragmented PDR market with room for consolidation
  • Market leading position in Germany
  • Stable market dynamics driven by increasing damage volume as consequence of global warming, aging building stock and increasing building complexity 
  • Diversified customer base of property insurance companies, property managers and industrial and private customers
  • Founder-led business with strong and experienced management team