Headquarter: Netherlands

Revenue: +€40m

Investment Date: December 2020

Business overview

Customs Support Group (CSG) is a leading and fast-growing customs broker offering a comprehensive range of customs related services.

Customs procedures are specialized and high-stake issues in supply chain management. Mistakes in the customs declarations of goods can become very costly and can lead to long delays in the delivery. CSG is a leading independent customs services provider in Europe. With more than 450 customs experts, the company provides a comprehensive range of customs related services to over 7,000 customers.

CSG is headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and has over 35 offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Poland. In addition, it has a wide network of partners across Europe. Through its multiple locations and partner network, CSG is in close proximity to customers, logistics hubs and customs offices ensuring long-standing relationships and local insights for its many international customers.

Customs expert processing 600k+ declarations p.a.

Driving digitization in the industry

Actively consolidating the market to offer cross-country solutions

Deal description

Castik Funds partnered with the management and founder of CSG to support CSG in its next growth phase. CSG pursues an active consolidation strategy in the highly fragmented customs support market. There are many opportunities to further strengthen CSG’s position in its core countries and for geographic expansion into adjacent European countries and adjacent services. Furthermore, the company is investing in digitizing customs related processes for its customers which leads to high reliability and efficiency.

Investment highlights
  • Sustainable organic growth and market boost from Brexit
  • High value proposition given complexity of tasks
  • Fragmented market with room for consolidation
  • High cash conversion
  • Strong customer loyalty given importance of reliability